Rich content television

In the last few years some promising new technology came up which could facilitate new ways of content provision and consumption. Unfortunately with the colliding interests of content providers, hardware manufacturers and law makers we are not quite there yet. In my bachelor thesis I proposed a set of methods and interactions to allow rich content television across multiple devices. I did that with an example for a future news application. I emphasized my work on the following issues:

What is the primary device?

Do people want and use multiple devices at the same time? There are studies which prove that. But often people watch TV and do something completely different on their phone or tablet. So the devices and the content have to guide the focus in a clever way and serve the consumer according to what they do best. A TV set is great in showing pictures and films but not so good for reading. This is where a tablet shines. My strong opinion is that apps do not belong on a television and nobody wants to use a remote as a pointing device.

How do devices interact?

This is more a conceptional than a technological challenge. The focus is very much in the details and new concepts have to been found to provide focus, feedback and workflows which are easy and fun to use.