Prototyping with Sketch and Axure

Since there is a growing number of design and prototyping tools it is crucial to grow yourself a set of possibilities and think about what you want to achieve with your prototype. In another article I already created a set of criteria for a good tool. But in the end it always depends of your and your clients needs.
I myself use a little html/css and javascript from time to time but as soon as it gets more complex I still need a clickable UI in order to get the big picture. For complex and also somewhat high fidelity protoypes I still use Axure, because it is very powerful. Despite its confusing interface and its occasionally low performance (especially when it comes to handle lots of images or pages) it provides great features which all other tools I know lack. These are i.e. global variables, logic, the use of system html components and others.
Recently I discovered that it even works great with Sketch! You can just copy/paste elements from sketch into Axure and it will automatically create a transparent png-Image. This opens up a quick new possibility to create interactive click-dummies without the need of any other online tool. You could also create a complex interactive wireframes and than replace the screens one by one with your final designs.